Lexmark 4039 Laser Printer

Lexmark 4039 Laser Printer
adjust bubbles

IBM Lexmark Laser Printer 4039
How to adjust the bubbles on the rosters and other scan sheets.

1. If the printer is on, turn it off.

2. To enter diagnostics mode, hold down the READY and the RETURN 
   buttons as you turn the printer on.  Once the printer says 
   PERFORMING SELF-TESTS, you can let go of the buttons.

3. Select More until you see Print Registration as a choice and 
   press that button.

4. The menu choices are:

Left Margin 
	Top Margin
	Bottom Margin
	Print Test 1 
These positions refer to Portrait paper orientation.
If your scan sheet is in Landscape paper orientation, turn it 
to Portrait paper orientation while your are making the adjustments.

CAUTION: Before you make any changes to the printer record the 
original settings so that the printer can be returned to the original 
settings if needed.

5. Select Left Margin. Press minus or plus sign 3 or 4 times. Press SAVE. 
Press RETURN button to go back to previous menu.

6. Select Top Margin. Press minus or plus sign 3 or 4 times. Press SAVE. 

7. After an adjustment is made, you should turn off the printer and 
   turn it back on normally.

8. Generate a roster or scan sheet to determine if the bubbles are 
   centered inside the circles.

9. You may have to repeat the process until the bubbles are in the 
   correct location

Thanks to:
Paul Vogel, Jr.
Lexmark Technical Support. Compuserve

Paul Weiner, ATS